Broken Appliances/Emergencies

Broken appliances are the most common form of an orthodontic emergency. Most of the diverse problems are addressed on our web page. Usually wax or cutting the wire with wire cutters will address most common problems. But for most common problems look at our web page.

Daily use of fluoride rinse is a good protection from decay that might occur if the home care is not up to expectations. Brushing at least 2x-3x a day is ideal. In the early stage of treatment, a daily salt and water rinse (1tsp of salt per 1/2 glass of water) will help the soft tissue to toughen up. In those cases where an ulcer may occur near the braces use a mix of Benadryl and Malox in equal proportions hold in the mouth for 1 minuet and then spit it out. This will help reduce the inflammation do this at most 3x’s per day.

On those occasions where emergencies may occur contact the office as soon as possible to allow us to view the problem and make any additional intervention.


Dr. Roland Nentwich, D.D.S., M.S


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